Voici les parcours du Bonobo Parc :

N° 1 :The Yellow Course : 7€90 / children

This course has been specially designed for children between 4 and 8 years old.

Just like the courses for adults the course has 13 stations and elements. There is a fixed safety line for each child. Children are given full instructions and safety surveillance during their first experience of tree-climbing. Children can also try, if there is the time, a special inflatable climbing structure as part of the course.

The course takes about an hour to complete.



N° 3 :The Green-Blue Course: 10€00 /personn

This is our starter course for adults and children over 8 years of age.

Each particplant has a fixed safety line through all of the course. This branch-walking course is perfect for debutants and each participant is given the necessary instruction by one of our trainers. Our trainers speak English.

The course is divided into 24 different stations and elements including a zip line, swings, a monkey bridge, a safety net, etc. We guarantee you excitement when you go on your first zip line.

 N° 4 :The green & blue & red  Course: 14€00/personn

This course if for all over 9 years old. It has been specially designed for family and friends to climb together. Some of the elements are quite hard physically but there are rest plaforms to help you get your breath back.

The Sympathics course starts with the Blue Course, which varies in height from 4 to 8 metres, then moves onto the Red Course which goes to a tree top height of 15 metres.

This course has 26 stations and elements and takes about 90 minutes to do.

N° 5 : The red & black  Course: 19€00 /personn

This is open to all from 12 years of age.

Our Black Course is not equipped with a fixed safety line. You have to use traditional climber’s clasps for the moment. Permanent safety lines will be in place for next season 2013.

The Adventure Course begins with the Red Course and finishes with the Black Course. You’ll need all your strength to keep your balance for a period of 20 minutes. If you take the Adventure Course you can also climb our Extra Adventure Course.

You’ll need a good two hours with tough physical exercise to do this course.

N° 6 : The green & blue& red& black& super black Course: 25€00

Grand filet atelier parcours dans les arbres

This is the most difficult of our tree-climbing courses and can be done by those over 12 years of age.

You have access to all the tree-climbing and branch hopping courses in Bonobo Park !

However, you must not finish on the Black Course. You’ll need a tough 2h30 for this  choice of the blue-red and black courses